Roy Wooley

Age: 46
Expertise: Sculpting, Prosthetics, Airbrushing, Fabrication
Occupation: Freelance Makeup Artist, Chief Makeup Artist & Creature Designer for Netherworld Haunted House
Hometown: Goodsprings, AL
Residence: Tucker, GA 

Roy Wooley grew up in Alabama, where he attended the same high school as his mother.  His mother and family hoped for Roy to choose a stable profession like preaching or coal mining. However, after Roy snuck into American Werewolf in London, he fell in love with special effects makeup and the creation of monsters. Since there were not any SFX schools for Roy to attend, he relied on tutorial videos, books and friends to learn more about the field. When he moved to Georgia, the local haunted house did not have a makeup department, so Roy took a job at the haunted house as an actor. Over the years, Roy has built up and now runs the makeup department at one of the country's leading haunted houses.  In his off-season, he works for low budget films. 

You can follow Roy on Twitter. @roywooleyfx