Roy Wooley

Age: 47
Occupation: Special Make-up Effects Artist
Hometown: Goodspring, Alabama
Residence: Tucker, GA
Previous Appearance: Season 3

Roy Wooley never dreamed of being a special make-up effects artist when he grew up in rural Alabama; it wasn't the kind of work folks around there pursued. But once he saw American Werewolf in London, he was hooked, and his career path was set. Work in the haunted house business lead him to season 3 of Face Off, which in turn led to movie work; his most recent projects have been working on the horror features Hell Hole and Copii: The First Entry. Still, he's back for the new season, in part to showcase his growing skills and with the goal of making it to the very end this time. He hasn't entirely left haunted houses behind either. In a side business, he's designed a line of prosthetics and props for the haunted house industry that are now in production. His favorite movie with special effects remains American Werewolf in London.

You can follow Roy on Twitter. @roywooleyfx