Samantha Allen

Age: 27
Hometown/Residence: Bayville, New Jersey
Occupation: Makeup Artist at Six Flags

Since she's extremely driven and motivated, when Samantha sets out to do something, it will get accomplished no matter what. When she was growing up, her family had an extreme love of Halloween and always took it to the next level, which she credits as the main inspiration for her career path. With determination and drive, she worked her way through school in order to follow her lifelong passion. In her work, she enjoys making her creatures look believable and as realistic as possible. Samantha has a thick skin and does not offend easily, and sometimes doesn't understand when others are more sensitive. Samantha is a fan of older movies with special effects, including The Lost Boys, Creep Show and The Evil Dead.Read more

You can follow Samantha on Twitter. @sammyfxallen