Samantha 'Sam' Cobb

AGE: 32Area of Expertise: Prosthetics / Latex / Hair / Beautifying / Likeness / Silicone / Dental / Fantasy / Ethnicity / OldOCCUPATION: Sculptor at Chisel 3D, Makeup ArtistRESIDENCE: Decatur, GA

 There is more to Samantha "Sam" Cobb than meets the eye. She was born in Wisconsin, but her father was in the military and she was raised in Singapore.  If you name a world destination, Sam’s most likely been there, but recently, she’s chosen the quiet subtleties of Decatur, Georgia as her home, where she practices and teaches permaculture, creates her make up effects and even illustrates the chalkboards for the local Trader Joe's. Incidentally, this is where she met her husband. Sam is also a sculptor at Chisel 3D where she creates corporate art, museum displays and custom prosthetics for her clients. She attributes her sense of creativity to her mother, who is a hippie at heart.