Sarah Elizabeth

Age: 29
Expertise: Character Creation, Prosthetics, Sculpting, Foam Latex, Fabrication
Occupation: Corporate Administrator, Special Effects Makeup Artist
Hometown: Goshen, IN
Residence:  Vancouver, BC 

Sarah Elizabeth grew up in a Mennonite family in Goshen, IN.  The strong community values of her family's religion helped her become a strong, hard-working team player.  Sarah started out designing costumes and doing makeup for theater. She went on to study special effects at Vancouver Film School. She enjoys creating work that is dark, dirty, and bloody.  In 2012, she qualified to compete in the prosthetics competition at the IMATS.  Her team recently captured the 2012 LEO Award for best makeup in a short independent film, The Little Mermaid.  Due to her strong background in theater costuming, she enjoys character creation. When she is in a stressful situation, she acts as a mediator and has a gift for resolving issues. 

You can follow Sarah in Twitter. @SarahE_Makeup