Tate Steinsiek

Age: 31
Occupation: Special FX Makeup Artist, Owner of Illwilled Prods.
Hometown: Morris, OK
Residence: Brooklyn, NY
Previous Appearance: Season 1

A native mid-westerner who now lives in Brooklyn, Bryan "Tate" Steinsiek has long had a bit of a dual personality. From his father, Tate developed a life-long passion for the rough and tumble of Mixed Martial Arts fighting. From his mother, he developed an artistic streak, which is what drives his work as a special F/X makeup artist. His recent work includes designing and creating work based on the work of Clive Barker and the horror author's Seraphim Films company. A finalist on the first season of Face Off, Tate is back this season because he loves the competition that is at the heart of the show, and because he believes that in the few years since he last appeared on Face Off he has developed skills that more than match previous winners. His favorite movie with special effects is An American Werewolf in London.

You can follow Tate on Twitter. @illwilledfx