Tyler Green

From: Season 6
Hometown/Residence: Litchfield, Connecticut
Occupation: Special Effects Make-up Artist, Inventor and CEO of Creative Genius, LLC

Tyler Green can be found teaching and inspiring students of all ages in all aspects of special effects makeup in his hometown studio in Litchfield, CT. The founder and CEO of Creative Genius, LLC, Tyler has applied his talent and considerable skills in the sculpting and molding processes to create a unique tool-gripping system that is causing a stir across many professions. The Wonderband Systems™ is an organizer that offers hands-free convenience with customizable and interchangeable parts to hold a variety of tools. Tyler is also working with a reputable children's hospital to develop a groundbreaking medical device to help children who suffer from neurological disorders.

You can follow Tyler on Twitter. @TylerGreenFX

Click here to visit Tyler's official site.

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