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15 Days of Everything Else Day 1: Blade (1998)

Blade (1998)

Welcome to 15 Days of Everything Else, a variation on our Days of Marvel podcast in which we're taking a look at all the non-MCU Marvel movies that also aren't X-Men movies. (It'll make more sense as it goes along, trust us.)

Today it's all about Blade (1998), the most '90s movie ever made. Wesley Snipes is awesome as he kills vampires all over the place, as is Stephen Dorff as the snarling vampire villain. Also, there's a crazy rave scene involving a lot of blood and dancing. Also, Kris Kristofferson is Blade's cranky Q-like handler or something. Also, Udo Kier burns up in the sun.

We're excited about Mahershala Ali, but ... man, Wesley Snipes! He'd have been great to have back.

Remember it with us below.

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