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Exclusive: That empty spaceship isn't empty in clip from sci-fi thriller '3022'

By Brian Silliman

Traveling in space seems like a highly unsavory job, but when something goes wrong, it gets even worse. You don't want to have any "oh no" moments out there in the black, and unfortunately that's exactly what happens to the leads of the new space thriller, 3022

Starring Kate Walsh, Omar Epps, Miranda Cosgrove, and Angus Macfadyen, the movie finds a group of astronauts who wake up to find Earth is...kind of gone. An extinction-level event has had it's way, and they have to figure things out from there. It does not sound ideal. 

Today we have an exclusive clip from the upcoming film, which features Omar Epps making an unplesant discovery while investigating a seemingly-abandoned ship drifting nearby. This being sci-fi horror, yeah, we'd have to guess that trip doesn't go so well.

Check out the clip below:

That's not unsettling at all, at all. We're perfectly fine. We take comfort in the notion that the situation will only get worse from here. Writer Ryan Bianco and John Suits wouldn't be that mean to Omar Epps in space, would they? 

For more on the unfortunate adventures and discoveries of these astronauts, check out 3022 when it comes to theaters and digital release on November 22.