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Want to enshrine yourself in a 3D-printed figurine with William Shatner? You're in luck

The experience will take place at Star Trek: Mission Chicago this April and will cost $2,250 per person(!)

By Vanessa Armstrong
Comic-con 2021 William Shatner

Are you a big time Star Trek and/or William Shatner fan? If so, there’s a uniquely bonkers opportunity for you at this year's Star Trek: Mission Chicago con.

Shatner has partnered with Minikin — a consumer product of the company MassPersona that takes your face and 3D-prints it on any nerdy avatar you want — to offer fans the chance to purchase a 9-inch 3D-printed figurine of themselves with the Starship captain.

Curious what this may look like? There's no example of Shatner yet, given he won't pose for the 3D camera until Star Trek: Mission Chicago, but here's a similar figurine of MassPersona's founder Kent Mages with his girlfriend and a couple of tribbles: 

Star Trek 3D scanned figurine

Each ticket for the experience, which costs $2,250 per person(!), comes with the opportunity to stand next to Shatner and have your respective bodies scanned from every angle and then embodied in a 3D-printed figurine. Only a total of 100 scans will happen, with a maximum of two people per scan, making this an opportunity available to only 200 people at most. 

“If you had one chance to immortalize the short time you've spent with someone like Stan Lee, Betty White, or in this case William Shatner, would you take it?” Mages asked SYFY WIRE. “That question is the driving force behind this kind of experience we have created and the multitude of similar experiences we'll create across all fandom from gaming to sports. This event is the first of many and how we will bring fandom to the 21st century.” 

If you’re interested and have $2,250 to burn, you better act quickly! Tickets will only be available between March 22 to March 30 or until spots remain. The scanning process with Shatner will take place on April 9 and 10 at McCormick Place in Chicago during the convention.

Each purchase also comes with a short video of the experience, a 3D gif of the scan, additional Shatner figurines, and a personal note (presumably from Shatner) on the figurine depicting you and the actor who played Captain James T. Kirk.

Is there a better way to commemorate meeting Shatner? People's answers may vary, but we can all agree that getting a 9-inch figurine of you and the Star Trek legend is certainly something new in the world of fandom.