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5 Best Werewolf Movies to Watch on Peacock to Prep for Wolf Like Me Season 2

Chew on these excellent werewolf movies streaming now on Peacock to pair with Wolf Like Me Season 2. 

By Tara Bennett
Mary (Isla Fisher) and Gary (Josh Gad) talk in Wolf Like Me Season 2.

It's fall, which means a chill is in the air, the full moons seem more potent, and Halloween permeates the overall mood. Yes, it's werewolf season. Grab some wolfsbane for protection and celebrate the cursed curs who transform from human form into their lycanthrope beasts within. It's especially smart timing that Season 2 of Peacock's Wolf Like Me starts streaming exclusively today, October 19, continuing the complicated love story of werewolf-cursed Mary (Isla Fisher) and her relationship with very-human Gary (Josh Gad). 

If you missed it, Season 1 of Wolf Like Me is available to binge on Peacock now as well. But there are also some other choice werewolf tales currently available to stream on the service that will pair nicely with the series too. From black and white classics to sexy contemporary remixes of the werewolf lore, there's an option for every taste.

Werewolf Movies Currently Streaming on Peacock That Will Get You in the Mood for Wolf Like Me Season 2

Bloodthirsty (2021)

A Fantastic Fest horror selection, Bloodthirsty explores who is the prey and who is the victim in this slick and sexy horror take on the ills of the music business mixed with a contemporary werewolf tale. Grey (Lauren Beatty) is the young artist trying to follow up her successful debut album with another winner. Impressed with her skills, a reclusive music producer (Greg Bryk) lures Grey and her girlfriend, Charlie (Katharine King), to his remote mansion to collaborate with him, and that's when things get very weird. Go into this one as pure as possible to enjoy the wild story turns as they happen. 

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Ginger Snaps (2000)

One of the great contemporary retellings of a werewolf story, provocatively told in the female perspective, Ginger Snaps is a dark, coming-of-age tale about morbid teenage sisters, Brigitte (Emily Perkins) and Ginger Fitzgerald (Katharine Isabelle). The start of Ginger's first period attracts the attack of a creature who bites her, and ignites a dark transformation in the young girl. What ensues is an excellent exploration of sisterhood and a satire of puberty metaphors and predatory women. 

Late Phases: Night of the Lone Wolf (2015)

A South by Southwest world premiere, Late Phases is an unusual man vs. werewolf story that pits a blind Vietnam War veteran vs. a vicious werewolf attacking his remote retirement community. What sets this one apart is the hero, Ambrose McKinley (Nick Damici), who is kind of a prickly jerk, so difficult to like that his new neighbors gravitate towards the human/werewolf more than him. There's also the clever use of McKinley's other senses to battle the werewolf in absorbing ways. 

Werewolf of London (1935)

A classic in the Universal Monsters library, Werewolf of London is actually the first feature-length werewolf film released by Universal Pictures. A standalone story, it follows the journey of botanist Dr. Wilfred Glendon (Henry Hull) to Tibet in search of the rare plant Mariphasa lupina lumina. He discovers that the plant is a temporary antidote to lycanthrophobia and does experiments on those afflicted to see what the plant's healing abilities are in practice. Fans of the films of this particular genre often cite its similarities with Rouben Mamoulian's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931), and cite The Wolf Man (1941) as the more original approach to a werewolf tale. 

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The Wolfman (2010)

A remake of the aforementioned Lon Cheney classic, The Wolf Man update is directed by Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park III), who assembled an amazing cast including Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, and Benicio del Toro to play titular werewolf. Worth watching as a very handsome period piece with some well done VFX. It even won the Academy Award for Best Makeup based on the work of legendary artists Rick Baker and Dave Elsey.

All episodes of Wolf Like Me are now streaming on Peacock!