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Exclusive: Watch Mary's Wolf Stalk Gary in Season 2 of Peacock's Wolf Like Me

In an exclusive sneak peek of Wolf Like Me Season 2, Gary (Josh Gad) learns that a full moon alone in the house with Mary (Isla Fisher) is trouble. 

By Tara Bennett

In Season 1 of Peacock's rom-com/horror series Wolf Like Me, creator Abe Forsythe pondered through the characters of Mary (Isla Fisher), a werewolf, and normal human dad, Gary (Josh Gad), if your soul mate was a literal monster, could you really make that relationship work in the real world? 

By the end of Season 1, the couple was so committed they were pregnant, and Mary even bonded with his teen daughter, Emma (Ariel Donoghue), making for an unusual blended family. But the real work starts in Season 2 as the imminent baby (or pup?) is making Mary, Gary and Emma worried about how you make a family function with such unique the full moon turning pregnant Mary into a vicious wolf prowling their new suburban home?

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In this SYFY WIRE exclusive scene from Episode 2 of Wolf Like Me Season 2, which streams on Peacock on October 19, Gary finds himself stuck in their home with Mary in wolf mode as she stalks him inside their house. 

Mary (Isla Fisher) stands in front of a baby doll and chickens in Wolf Like Me Season 2

At the end of Season 1, Forsythe finally revealed Mary the wolf in all her deadly glory as she defended Gary and Emma from attack. In Season 2, Forsythe told SYFY WIRE that, "The biggest idea for me was the universe bringing them together in Season 1. Now they're asking the question, is it trying to break us apart in Season 2?" he said of the couple's problem of trying to make her "affliction" work in their everyday lives. "It's up to the audience to work out if it's the universe, or not? Or is the universe testing them on purpose to keep them together?"

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Of the above scene with Gary running from Mary the wolf — which features more wolf than audiences saw in all of Season 1 — Forsythe said, "I wanted to just put [the show] on its head by having the wolf appear so unexpectedly, so early on in Season 2. By revealing it that quickly in the show, it would make the audience realize that they couldn't predict what was going to come after as well."

But he does promise ... a lot more wolf. 

Catch up on Season 1 of Wolf Like Me on Peacock now. All seven episodes of Wolf Like Me Season 2 debut on October 19.

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