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SYFY WIRE Super Nintendo World

6 secrets to look for inside Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Don't miss these opportunities to amp up your Super Nintendo World visit.

By Tara Bennett
Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge at Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood is freshly open to the masses, offering fans of the Mario characters a chance to immerse themselves into the Mushroom Kingdom. While the new world isn't massive, there are so many things to look at, it's easy to miss the fine details on your first trip.

Luckily, SYFY WIRE has been able to poke around all the nooks and crannies of the land to compile some essential things to look for when you embark on your visit. We already created a handy guide to the premium ride in the land, Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge, so here, we'll focus on other things to see and do.

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1-UP Factory™ Store

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Every great ride ends in a gift shop, and that's the case with Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge, too. The AR attraction spills guests out into the 1-Up Factory Store, which is the only merch retail store inside the Mushroom Kingdom. While there are other Super Nintendo World branded stores inside the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park and Universal CityWalk, the 1-Up Factory stocks some park exclusive items that can only be purchased at this location. For example, there were some commemorative lanyards and shirts available in the store just for the opening week. So, when you visit, be sure to ask what items are exclusive to the store so you can get an extra special memento. 

Exclusive Food and Drinks

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

When you come down the escalators to the lower level of the park, there's a specific Mario-themed drink and popcorn stand that is the exclusive place in the park to get these specific themed snack items. For popcorn bucket collectors, you can purchase either a Mario Kart bucket or a Super Star commemorative bucket. Drink-wise, there are three Fruity Cream Soda drinks: Mario (strawberry), Luigi (green apple) and Peach (peach). Each one also features boba, coconut syrup, and vanilla ice cream. You can also find a super cute 1-Up Mushroom drink bottle (green) or a Super Mushroom drink bottle (red). 

The Frosted Glacier


Once you're inside the land, you'll see all kinds of ledges and tiers that look off limits, but one is actually an overlook for anyone to visit. Look for the staircase near Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown. It will take you up two flights of stairs to a landing that directs you to Frosted Glacier. On the outdoor overlook, you'll find faux snow covered Question Boxes, a special AR viewer that overlays the real park with characters from the world, and a side room featuring lots of ways to get extra points and App stamps. 

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Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Special M 8-Bit Surprises

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Hidden inside the grey bricks in four different places inside the world are embedded M symbols that may be easy to miss if you're not looking. However, the Universal Studios Super Nintendo World section provides a map on where to find all four symbols. When you put your Power-Up band over the symbol, you'll conjure the OG 8-bit versions of Peach, Mario, Luigi, and Bowser. For your efforts, you'll get points and stamps for finding them all.

Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown

Super Nintendo World

If you do want to invest in a Power-Up band and sync it to the Universal Studios App, there is a reward that is exclusive to band owners. Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown is the proverbial "boss battle" for anyone who has collected three keys from your choice of the four interactive Key Challenges inside the world. Once you have logged three keys in your App, you can access the Showdown with your band and enter the realm of Bowser Jr. Once inside, you'll be ushered into a room where your shadow will be inserted into gameplay to win the Golden Mushroom in the final Shadow Showdown. Participants will be active as you swat away video game bombs, jump to get Power-Ups and gain coins. There will be 10 competitors next to you and if you earn the high score in the room, you'll also earn special stamps in the App.

Visiting Peach, Mario and Luigi

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Inside the world, you'll see a white and pink gazebo, which is the place where fans can meet Princess Peach for a photo opportunity. There's a queue to participate, but the line moves quickly and there's no cost to say hello and snap a pic. If Mario and Luigi are your preferred icons, you can line up to get a photo with the brothers near the center of the world. And if you visit them all, you'll earn special stamps and points in the Universal Studios App. 

Of course, Super Nintendo World isn't the only exciting thing going on in Mario's world; The Super Mario Bros. Movie, scheduled to open in theaters Friday, April 7, is the first cinematic translation of the Mario video game franchise in almost three decades, and boasts a simply super voice cast led by Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, and Seth Rogen.

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