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9 of Bill Hader's most out-there 'SNL' genre sketches

The return of Barry has us thinking about Bill Hader's classic sketches on Saturday Night Live.

By Tara Bennett
Bill Hader on Saturday Night Live

Can you believe that Bill Hader left Saturday Night Live 10-years ago?! Since then, Hader has gone on to voice, act, write, and direct a slew of incredible projects. As an actor, he killed it in IT Chapter II, Trainwreck, and The Skeleton Twins. He co-created the award-winning Documentary Now! with his SNL alumni friends. But his biggest acclaim, including awards love, has come with his HBO dark comedy, Barry. The hitman-turned-actor tale is one he co-created, writes, directs, and stars in.

Since the fourth and final season of Barry premiered on April 16, SYFY WIRE decided it was time to look back on some of his best genre sketches on SNL. Along with his forever classic characters including Stefon, the directions dude on The Californians, and many others, Hader brought his love for the cinematic and silly to the show. Here's a collection of nine of his best SNL sketches over the years.

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Vincent Price's Halloween Special

Donning his Vincent Price look and voice, Hader hosts this variety show style celebration of the spooky season with terrible retro actors and their schtick. It birthed several sequels that have become holiday staples in the SNL clip shows. 

Jurassic Park Auditions

Bill Hader is a master impressionist and in this sketch, he shows off his particularly excellent versions of Al Pacino and Alan Alda for their faux found Jurassic Park auditions. 

Haunted House Hunters

A parody of the British reality shows where a bunch of ghost hunters bring a ridiculous amount of equipment into places of note to see if they can capture the supernatural on film. Hader plays one of the crew that has Hugh Laurie's expert "disrupt" their readings. Basically, a long fart joke that's worth it. 

Laser Cats

Baby Hader and Adam Samberg started the Laser Cat craze with this first Digital Short where they pitch Lorne Michaels their new show idea. It's so low-fire and terrible that it became an instant classic for SNL and spawned a whole series of sequels. 

The Curse of Frankenstein

Who knew there was a Universal Monsters movie where Frankenstein pranks Dracula? In this SNL skit, we see Hader as Frankenstein burn his monster buddy by sending the angry townspeople on him. 

Firelight - Twilight Parody

Maybe one of our favorite Hader Digital Shorts, he plays Phillip, the head of the Franks. They're a monster clique at Forks High in this Twilight parody that not only skewers the visuals of the Twilight films but uses all the Frankenstein tropes to perfection.

The Cape Promo

Listen, not all superhero TV shows have been a slam dunk. NBC's The Cape earned this SNL parody featuring cast members getting their own superhero shows based on the item of clothing that gives them powers. Look out for Hader's artist and his brushes!

The Wizard of Oz

Turner Classic Movies explores the scenes that didn't make it to the final cut of The Wizard of Oz. Hader plays the Cowardly Lion to Anne Hathaway's Dorothy. 

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

Hader does a mean Rod Serling impression in this parody of the classic The Twilight Zone episode of the same name. Jude Law jumps into the William Shatner paranoid passenger role here and gives it a twist that earns a bookend return of Hader at the end.

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