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SYFY WIRE Into the Dark

WIRE Buzz: Into the Dark gets some School Spirit; Criterion gives Godzilla a towering collection; more

By Christian Long
Into the Dark: School Spirit Trailer

Hulu's Into the Dark continues its holiday-centric approach by addressing every student's least-favorite time of year: going back to school. 

Granted, this is a monthly anthology series produced by Blumhouse, so everything that's already bad gets ratcheted up to deadly. The trailer for School Spirit, which will cover the month of August, follows a group of kids thrown into a very Breakfast Club situation with a Saturday detention.

Along with typical teen horror movie antics, the students have to contend not only with a principal who seems capable of wielding a lot worse than two months detention time, but also a homicidal maniac dressed as their own school mascot. 

You can check out the trailer right here: 

Mike Gan directed the episode, and the script comes from Pat Casey and Josh Miller. The two recently penned the script for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, so they clearly have an affinity for terrifying mascots. 

Into the Dark: School Spirit will be available to stream on Hulu starting August 2. 

(via io9)

Next up, both Godzilla and the Criterion Collection are celebrating a pretty major milestone. 

First, the Shōwa era of the iconic kaiju franchise is getting a massive Criterion Collection of its very own — totaling 15 films from 1954-1975. Second, the prestigious box set will mark Criterion's 1000th release since they put out a restored version of La Grande Illusion back in 1999. 

All the classics are here, from the monster's 1954 debut to Destroy All Monsters, All Monsters Attack, and Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla. Along with the films, there are loads of special features, including interviews, commentary tracks, and all-new art. 

Criterion's Godzilla box set will be available for purchase starting October 29. Which gives everyone plenty of time to pencil it onto their of Christmas lists. 

(via Polygon

Finally, the Killer Klowns from Outer Space are making their return to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

Inspired by the beloved cult 80s horror flick, the Killer Klowns made their theme park debut at Univeral Orlando's annual scarefest last year, and will not only be returning, but they're bringing the attraction to Universal Hollywood as well. The event takes participants through a maze made to look like the sleepy town of Crescent Cove, which is slowly being overrun by the Klowns, who wield everything from cotton candy guns to homicidal shadow puppets. 

They even made a video to celebrate the occasion:

Halloween Horror Nights will kick off in Orlando on September 6 and in Hollywood on September 13 and runs until November. For more information on how you can make your way to Crescent Cove this fall, you can check out their website here

(via Universal Studios)