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A New World's Finest? Frank Miller on Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child

By Mike Avila

Earlier this month, iconic writer and artist Frank Miller revisited one of his most famous works in Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child. For this Dark Knight Returns sequel, Miller is teaming up with artist Rafael Grampa and putting the spotlight on the next generation of heroes. Former Robin Carrie Kelley is the new Batwoman and the heir to Batman’s legacy. Conversely, Lara Kent is the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman. But while Batman and Superman were collectively known as "the world’s finest," Carrie and Lara may not have the same dynamic.

"If you look at it through a slightly different lens, you might say Batman had the good daughter and Superman had the bad daughter," explained Miller. "The rebellious one is Superman's daughter, and he was a very, very good boy. But Batman's got a [surrogate] daughter who's very much follows rules and directs troops and so on."

"These young women are very much their own characters," continued Miller. "They're very much of a generation that is not as plagued by the particular demons that their fathers were. Lara did not lose a planet or a species. And Carrie's parents were a couple of potheads whom she doesn't even really think about all that much. Two very different characters of a very new generation."

Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child #1 is out in stores now. For more details from Miller, check out the newest installment of SYFY WIRE's Behind the Panel!