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SYFY WIRE Project Blue Book

A sneak peek of Project Blue Book's season premiere reveals Roswell drama

By Tara Bennett

It's been a long wait, but Season 2 of History's Project Blue Book finally returns on January 21 at 10 p.m. EST with a whole new series of infamous cases to explore. In particular, our favorite UFO sleuths, Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) and Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey), are back on the beat after the incendiary events of the Season 1 finale, "The Washington Merry-Go-Round."

As a refresher, Washington D.C. was buzzed by a series of UFOs in broad daylight, but under intense pressure by the Air Force, Hynek decided to support the military reasoning of "temperature inversion" as the cause of the sightings. In the finale, Quinn is perplexed by Hynek's reversal but the professor explains that their choice to play ball buys them the Air Force's trust as they continue to seek real answers on the down-low.

But it looks like Hynek and Quinn's investigation path is going to get tested immediately in the opening episode of Season 2. In fact, the episode puts the gentleman right in the thick of it in Roswell, New Mexico.

Project Blue Book S2 UFO Crash

We have an exclusive scene from the season premiere, "The Roswell Incident - Part I," that showcases Hynek and Quinn trying to get the bottom of the infamous Roswell crash. But all they've been given by the Air Force are redacted case files ...

Along with Roswell, Project Blue Book Season 2 promises to tackle seminal cases like Area 51, Hopkinsville, Skinwalker Ranch, and more on the Men in Black following Hynek.

To get caught up on Season 1 and primed for Season 2, be sure to listen to our brand-new SYFY WIRE Project Blue Book: The Official Podcast Season 1 finale, "Fan Questions Answered," featuring series executive producers, Sean Jablonski and David O'Leary, along with Aidan Gillen, Michael Malarkey, Laura Mennell, and Neal McDonough. 

Project Blue Book Season 2 returns on HISTORY Tuesday, January 21 at 10PM ET/PT.