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Jim Carrey's Sonic performance was so good, Adam Sandler called him from the theater

By Jacob Oller
Jim Carrey Sonic the Hedgehog

No matter what theater chain moviegoers attend, the pre-screening rules remain the same: don't talk during the movie and don't use your phone. Talking to someone on the phone is a major transgression. Talking to the star of the movie on the phone is a much more exclusive transgression, but it's definitely still impolite. But what if you're Adam Sandler, you're watching Sonic the Hedgehog, and it's the last movie you'll get to see in a theater for months? Can Sonic's faux paws forgive this faux pas?

That's up to the rare few fans that were in the same theater as Adam Sandler when he saw the blue blur make his big-screen debut. Sandler recently spoke on Jimmy Kimmel Live about his experience enjoying the film, saying that he liked it — and Jim Carrey's performance — so much that he had to call the Ace Ventura star and Dr. Robotnik on the phone right then and there.

Take a look:

“I saw Jim Carrey’s movie, the Sonic. I noticed that people were spread out, there were only a few of us in the theaters and I was laughing very loud," Sandler said. "The people behind us were laughing, too. So I think our last big night out: Sonic.”

Surely some can relate to this. Others maybe caught Bloodshot or the rare Emma screening. But what Sandler did during the film's runtime would've made it memorable for theatergoers even if it wasn't the last time they'd see a film in theaters for a while. "I called Carrey from the theater," Sandler said. "I was telling him how funny he was while it was going on. I didn’t know it was going to be the last movie I ever saw at a movie theater."

That's behavior verging on Robotnik-level villainous right there. Is nothing sacred? Sandler is in movies — he should know better! However, most of Sandler's recent fare has gone straight to Netflix, so perhaps the theatrical experience has lost its luster for the actor.