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How will an 'Agatha' series work? 5 ideas for where Marvel's 'WandaVision' spinoff could go

By Vanessa Armstrong
Kathryn Hahn WandaVision

MCU fans around the world rejoiced when word broke that Kathryn Hahn's Agatha Harkness, the witch who infiltrated Wanda’s television-inspired world on WandaVision, will likely be getting her verry own show on Disney+.

We don’t know much about the spinoff so far, other than that it will be a dark comedy with WandaVision head writer Jac Schaeffer at the helm. But that certainly won't stop us from speculating on where, specifically, the show could go.

Here are five potential scenarios the new spinoff could follow, based on where the character left off and the direction the MCU is headed.

Are any of these right? Who knows! It’s fun to speculate, however, and see where Agatha takes us.

Wandavision 108 Still

We pick up right where WandaVision ended

At the end of WandaVision, Wanda has defeated Agatha and placed a spell on the witch that makes her think she actually was Agnes, Wanda’s “friendly” neighbor. A spinoff could start with Agatha/Agnes still trapped in that spell, not knowing who she is. Perhaps someone could come along and try to free her from the spell and, if successful, the two of them could go do nefarious things.

Wandavision 105 Still

Agatha all through the MCU timeline

Agatha is old — WandaVision had her life spanning at least to the 1696 Salem witch trials. That means she was around doing witchy things somewhere through all of the MCU’s 20+ films. This spinoff could take place a different points in the MCU timeline where we find out she was up to malicious shenanigans that may or may not have influenced events we’ve already seen on-screen. Maybe she and Red Skull were BFFs before he was exiled to Vormir, for example? Or maybe she was the one who tipped off Thanos about what he could do with all the Infinity Stones. Perhaps it really really was Agatha all along!

WandaVision Agatha Harkness

A period-set Agatha prequel

A related option is that the spinoff takes place waaay earlier in the MCU world, a moment in history that we haven’t seen yet. Anywhere from the late 1600s on is possible given how old she is. Maybe this dark comedy, for example, takes place during the Revolutionary War (or maybe not, since there likely weren’t a lot of laughs at that time). There are multiple centuries Schaeffer could choose from, however, which leads to a lot of intriguing possibilities, maybe even a story that spans those centuries with us checking in on her every 50 years or so. 


We’ve got lots of Agathas

The MCU is getting heavy into the multiverse, so maybe the spinoff touches on that as well. Maybe an Agatha from another universe catches word of the MCU and comes to free our Agatha, the one who Wanda ensorcelled. Maybe the two of them (or three, or four ... might as well have a few more Agathas while we're at it) band together and become an Agatha Odd Couple trying to wreak havoc across space and/or time.

WandaVision Wanda Agatha 1

Wanda and Agatha, reunited

In the comics, Agatha is a mentor to Wanda. A spinoff could potentially go this route as well. Maybe Wanda, after whatever happens in Doctor Strange and the Mulitverse of Madness, comes back and frees Agatha. Why would Wanda free Agatha? Maybe she's looking for Agatha's guidance. Or maybe she needs someone with powers similar to hers or someone with the knowledge to stop some future Big Threat. The show could then be Wanda and Agatha clashing with each other but also learning from each other as they face a baddie who is not Agatha (or Wanda).

Wherever the Agatha spinoff takes us, however, we’re sure MCU fans will be along for the ride.