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Cats are back in outer space in Ahoy Comics' Captain Ginger Season 2 #1

By Jeff Spry
Ginger Hero

If spacefaring cats prowling the galaxy in the aftermath of human extinction is your cup of tea, then you're most likely familiar with writer Stuart Moore and artist June Brigman's purr-riffic sci-fi fantasy series from Ahoy Comics, Captain Ginger.

That uproarious first four-issue miniseries from 2018/19 found the titular commander and his ambitious second-in-command, Sergeant Mittens, struggling to keep their fellow felines united against a cold and hostile universe, and next year the whiskered wanderers return for more intergalactic kitty craziness.

Ginger Cover

Moore is a former editor at DC and Marvel who's also penned such titles as Namor, Firestorm, Deadpool the Duck, The First MutantWolverine Noir, and many more. He was one of main contributors involved with the acclaimed launch of Ahoy Comics, and his debut book with the indie publisher was with artists June Brigman and Roy Richardson on Captain Ginger.

Now the creative team is back for a second hairball-yacking season of Captain Ginger blasting off in early 2020. Ahoy's celebrated saga of cats in outer space rockets straight into our orbit for a devastating sophomore miniseries on Feb. 5. — and SYFY WIRE has a special sneak peek at the premiere issue.

Ginger Slice 1

This time, Captain Ginger and his intrepid feline crew embark on a vast, six-issue odyssey when they follow a mysterious hyperspace signal to the homeworld of their unknown canine “cousins.” But trouble is brewing aboard the ship that just might spell doom before they even arrive to meet the otherworldly pooches!

“The first season of Captain Ginger showed us both the joys and perils of a spaceship run entirely by cats—creatures that aren’t exactly known for their military-style discipline," Moore tells SYFY WIRE. "Season Two ratchets up that tension by introducing them to another evolved species, one that thinks very differently. But there are some serious twists and turns before the cats arrive on Dogworld.”

Ginger 3

“Season Two ratchets up the tension, beginning with a major error in judgment by our hero, the beleaguered Captain Ginger," he continues. "That leads to a series of disasters that will really test our cat crew. The litter is about to hit the fan.

“The reception to Captain Ginger has been really gratifying. Now we’re asking readers to follow us ‘to the dogs’ as the cats make ‘fur’st contact with another species. If you’re still with me after that, you’ll probably enjoy the book.” 

Ginger Slice 2

“OMG, there's even more fur!" Brigman reveals to SYFY WIRE. "Hey, I love dogs too. In fact, I'm an auntie to several dogs. I'd say that drawing dogs isn't all that different from drawing cats. But I don't want to insult my furkids. I mean, I'm outnumbered ten to one. Nice kitties, nice kitties!”

Check out our exclusive preview of Ahoy Comics' Captain Ginger Season 2 #1 in the gallery below, then be sure to mark your 2020 calendar for its furry Feb. 5 release.