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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Alan Tudyk joins 'The Resident Alien After Show' to talk Season 2, Ep. 2, Harry's alien language & more

Things are only getting messier for Harry and the residents of Patience, Colorado.

By Caitlin Busch

Things are only getting messier for Harry and the residents of Patience, Colorado, in the second episode of SYFY's Resident Alien Season 2. We've got to wait a whole week to figure out what happens next, but luckily for all of us, you've got a brand new episode of SYFY WIRE's "The Resident Alien After Show" to keep you entertained.

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Joined by a pair of pilfered alien masks he dug from the trash — by his own admission — Resident Alien star and Harry Vanderspeigle himself, Alan Tudyk, joined our Resident Alien After Show hosts Jackie Jennings and Juan Cadavid to talk all things alien. He's even got a quick behind-the-scenes tidbit for us: Last season, when Harry's "making love" to his wife, there was a shot of him as an alien, but it was cut for time. Talk about an out of this world experience (sorry not sorry).

Tudyk also gives us a quick acting lesson on how to talk like Harry (hint: think of your mouth as a machine you don't understand how to use) and explains his alien language process. Watch the above video for more details as we wait for next week's episode, premiering only on SYFY on Wed., Feb. 9, at 9/8c.