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Resident Alien's Alan Tudyk Reveals Unused Spit Take from Wild Dinner Scene with Edi Patterson

You know it's getting weird when an actor asks you to spit sunflower seeds directly into his mouth.

By Josh Weiss

You know it's getting wild when an actor asks you to spit sunflower seeds directly into his mouth. Okay, we know that sounds really, really bizarre, but it's just the lengths Alan Tudyk will go to make us laugh.

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Recently speaking with AwardsDaily, the Resident Alien star revealed a wild, unused spit take from Season 3's dinner season with Blue Avian, Heather (Edi Patterson).

Alan Tudyk Reveals Wild Spit Take He Suggested for Resident Alien Season 3

The original script written by Kelechi Urama first called for a generally "awkward" kiss between Harry and his new girlfriend. While discussing the scene beforehand with Patterson, Tudyk suggested the following: "Could you put some sunflower seeds in your mouth, chew them up, and just spit in my mouth like a shotgun blast?"

They actually shot the scenario, but the footage was unusable because Patterson "started laughing so hard, she couldn't hold it in," remembered creator/showrunner Chris Sheridan.

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"It was such a violent spit that I had requested and she was being ... very generous," Tudyk added. "It's a good scene partner when... you know, there's the thing with the tongue. She's blowing and my tongue's coming out the side. That was never planned or talked about or even thought of before it happened. So, that speaks to how we work together. I think it was a good pairing."

It was so hilarious, in fact, that the cast and crew were having trouble keeping straight faces on the day. Sara Tomko (Asta) and Alice Wetterlund (D'arcy) "were doing everything in their power not to burst out laughing while they were doing this kissing stuff," Sheridan said. "We did it for a couple hours and there was a lot of it. In editing, I tried to piece together as many of those moments to make it as ridiculous as possible. But the chemistry between Alan and Edi is so fantastic and they're so funny together, and that's the perfect example of it."

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