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Even Alan Tudyk Missed This Sneaky Serenity Easter Egg Hidden in Battlestar Galactica

More than two decades later, the pilot of Serenity learned about its Battlestar Galactica cameo.

By James Grebey

Alan Tudyk has plenty of sci-fi experience. In addition to starring in Resident Alien, he’s also been in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a Transformers animated series, and the beloved space Western Firefly. However, the actor recently learned that he makes a cameo in another sci-fi franchise — or at least the ship he piloted did. 

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In the first episode of the Battlestar Galactica miniseries, which premiered on SYFY in 2003 and would go on to have a full four-season run the next year, Serenity, the ship that Tudyk’s Walsh piloted in the cult classic series Firefly and sequel film Serenity, makes a brief cameo appearance in the sky. The moment occurs 14 minutes and 44 seconds into the episode, and eagle-eyed fans might spot Serenity zip across the sky over Caprica City in the upper lefthand corner of the shot. 

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The cameo occurred because two people were involved in making both shows. Lee Stringer, who was a CGI supervisor on both series, suggested putting Serenity into Battlestar Galactica, as both shows were on at the same time. Jarrod Davis, an animator for Firefly and a digital artist for Battlestar Galactica, made it happen. 

However, even though Tudyk’s character, Wash, might’ve been piloting Serenity during this cameo appearance, the actor had no idea about the cameo until recently — more than two full decades later. 

“Whoa didn’t know that existed hahahaha,” Tudyk posted on Threads in May 2024 after another user noticed the Easter egg. 

Who knows — maybe someday Serenity will fly over the town of Patience, Colorado

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