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Alan Tudyk shares his Game of Thrones theory where Bran’s the star

By Lisa Granshaw
Game of Thrones Season 8 Bran

As we all wait eagerly for the final season of Game of Thrones, there are a lot of ideas floating around about how exactly the show will end and who might come out on top. In the opinion of Firefly and Doom Patrol actor Alan Tudyk, one of the Starks will definitely be the star.

Tudyk shared his theory about the ending of the HBO show with TV Guide Saturday during the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Tudyk is rewatching the show before the last season starts and said he thinks Bran Stark can win.

“I think that Bran is going to [warg] out on a dragon and burn it all up,” he told TV Guide.

Bran isn’t the only Stark Tudyk wouldn’t mind seeing win in the end either, though that doesn’t include Jon Snow. Tudyk said he hopes it’s not Snow up there since “he’s good, he’s just not the one to win.”

“I'd like to see Sansa up there just because I feel sorry for her. She's had it rough, but I'm going Bran,” he explained.

Tudyk was at TCA to discuss his upcoming DC Universe show Doom Patrol, in which he portrays the villain Mr. Nobody. Doom Patrol premieres February 15.

(via TV Guide)