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All the faces look the same in the creepy trailer for Alex Garland's new horror film 'Men'

In 'Men,' a woman faces a slew of new faces who all look the same to her grieving eyes.

By Matthew Jackson
Alex Garland's 'Men' PRESS

Alex Garland is one of the most exciting genre filmmakers of his generation, the mind behind sci-fi hits like Ex Machina, blends of horror and sci-fi like Annihilation, and existential tech journeys like Devs. Now, Garland is back with a new film, and this time it looks like he's going for all-out terror. 

Introduced last month with an eerie but secretive teaser trailerMen will team Garland with Oscar-nominated actress Jessie Buckley (The Lost DaughterI'm Thinking of Ending Things) for a tale with an intriguing visual hook and some very creepy atmosphere. Now, with less than two months to go until the film's May release, the full official trailer is here, and it sheds new light on the nightmarish story. 

Buckley stars as Harper, a woman reeling from a personal tragedy who decides to get away from the city and try to recover in an idyllic English country home. The scenery's beautiful, there's fruit on the trees, and she's got a gorgeous house all to herself. But something's not quite right on this holiday. Something's haunting Harper, even beyond the memory of her lost loved one, and when she goes for help, everything is...well, have a look for yourself. 

That's right. The "men" of the film's title all seem to be different versions of the same man, all played by Rory Kinnear, and the more Harper tries to engage with them, the more hostility she seems to find. Some of the men are indifferent, while others are outright manipulative and even aggressive with her, something which seems to only intensify as the trailer goes on. So, what's going on here? Are they all the same entity shifting their shape to terrify her? Is the memory of her loss warping her perceptions? Is it something else altogether? 

It's not clear, but what is clear is that Garland's knack for memorably creepy visuals is still in top form. From stone faces to creepy tunnels to the simple yet very evocative image of apples raining down from a tree, this trailer is packed with unforgettable moments. Now we just have to wait and see how they all come together.

Men is in theaters May 20.