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SYFY WIRE Into the Dark

Alice in Chains is making a sci-fi movie, and here are the first two chapters

By Don Kaye
Adam Mason on Black Antenna set

Alice in Chains, one of the pioneering acts of Seattle's legendary grunge music scene, has just released the first two chapters of a full-length sci-fi movie based on the band's latest album.

The film is called Black Antenna and is directed by Adam Mason (pictured above on the set), who recently helmed an April Fool's Day segment of Blumhouse and Hulu's Into the Dark holiday horror anthology series. He is also working on a theatrical feature for Blumhouse called They Come Knocking.

Mason and Paul Sloan also co-wrote Black Antenna, which follows two humanoid aliens named Alpha (played by Sloan) and his 21-year-old daughter Beta (Viktoriya Dov), who communicate with each other telepathically as they drive their beat-up truck across California.

With Beta seducing men that they come across and the pair stealing whatever electronic devices they can from their targets, Alpha tries to build an antenna that will get a signal back to their home world. But their presence is discovered by dark forces intent on wiping them out before their call for help can be answered.

Each segment — there will be 10 in total — is set to the tune of one of the songs on Alice in Chains' sixth studio album, Rainier Fog, which the group released last fall.

Watch both chapters below (and be warned that both contain violence and language, while the second features brief nudity):

The first chapter is titled "The One You Know," after the opening number, while chapter two is named after the LP's title track. A music video released last year for "The One You Know" interspersed performance footage of the band, also directed by Mason, with scenes from the film.

Mason said, "This movie came out of nowhere for me. As soon as I heard the album, the music and lyrics spoke to me on a profoundly personal level, and the film and subject matter was born directly out of that. I’ve always been a huge fan of Alice In Chains, and this has been a dream come true for me. Black Antenna is a perfect synergy of the band’s lyrics, and Black Antenna paints a dark and beautiful canvas of the deeply conflicted world we live in today."

We'll have to see how it all hangs together once the full 10 chapters are available (we're getting an Under the Skin vibe from what we've seen so far), but the idea of setting an entire 90-minute sci-fi film to an album's worth of music by one of the Seattle scene's most enduring rock bands seems ambitious if nothing else.