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The Alien franchise returns in short film series — check out the red band trailer

By Josh Grossberg
Alien Chestburster scene

In space, it seems everyone's getting in on the screaming these days. The first of six new Alien-inspired short films commissioned to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror masterpiece is officially set to blast off on March 29.

Alien: Containment offers up a new claustrophobic tale of terror with everyone's favorite acid-for-blood xenomorphs as it follows four survivors stranded aboard a small escape pod in deep space. As they try piecing together the details of the outbreak that led to their ship's destruction, the quartet find themselves unsure if one of them might be infected. It's written and directed by Chris Reading.

Following Alien: Containment, IGN will debut a new short each week and beginning May 3, all six will officially hit the official @AlienAnthology social channels and, along with exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

And by the looks of the new red band trailer that just hit the web teasing the sextet, we're in for a face-hugging good time.

The short flicks, which premiered at Emerald City Comic Con two weeks ago, came about as part of a partnership between 20th Century Fox and crowd-sourcing community Tongal.

After soliciting 550 pitches on the Tongal platform, the studios tapped six emerging filmmakers to create thrilling new fan-inspired stories for the Alien canon that would honor the classic film that forever etched chest-bursting in moviegoers' nightmares and launched one of the most beloved horror franchises of all time.

Along with Alien: Containment, the initiative produced such tantalizing titles as Alien: Alone, written and directed by Noah Miller; Alien: Harvest, directed by Benjamin Howdeshell; Alien: Night Shift, written and directed by Aidan Breznick; Alien: Ore, written and directed by the Spears sisters; and Alien: Specimen, written and directed by Kelsey Taylor.

No word whether any goddamned robots were involved in the latest productions or if the shorts will be as cool as the daring Alien stage adaptation a New Jersey high school just put on. We’ll have to wait and see.

For synopses of the rest of the shorts, click here.

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