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All the Avengers: Endgame trailer scenes that aren't actually in the movie

By James Grebey
Avengers Endgame scenes not in trailer

By this point, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe should know to approach MCU movie trailers with the same caution as the Avengers approach Thanos when he’s wielding the Reality Stone. Things are not always as they appear.

**SPOILER WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.**

Recent MCU movies have intentionally misled fans by including shots in the trailer that have either been edited, or that are just straight-up not in the final movie. Consider how the Thor: Ragnarok trailers featured a two-eyed Thor, or how Spider-Man: Homecoming’s trailer had a neat shot of Spidey and Iron Man flying through Queens, a scene that isn’t in the actual film. Then there’s Avengers: Infinity War, which infamously promised a shot of all the heroes, including the Hulk, charging the camera during the climactic battle in Wakanda. That scene did not occur.

It’s not that the trailers are lying to fans, though deceived diehard sleuths might sometimes feel that way. It’s just an effort to prevent the fandom from fully cracking open a film’s secrets before the premiere, while still allowing the studio to show off some of the cooler scenes as a bit of largely spoiler-free promotion. Avengers: Endgame is no different, though the edits and phantom scenes are less egregious than those in Infinity War.

Here’s everything from the main Avengers: Endgame trailers that do not appear in the film.

**This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Endgame, unlike the trailers. That’s the whole point.**


The first trailer for Endgame, which came out in early December 2018, did not contain any seriously altered scenes, nor were there any which weren’t in the final movie. Part of the reason this trailer doesn’t need to resort to any subterfuge is because essentially every scene in it is from the first 15 or so minutes of the movie, before the 5-year time jump. It's omission, not deception.


The Super Bowl trailer, which came out in early February, does have some scenes that aren’t in the film, as well as some altered ones. It also gives away a little more of the plot, hence why there are some more deceptive measures. (Interestingly, a scene of Black Widow, Bruce Banner, War Machine, and Captain America walking outside the Avengers HQ that everyone suspected had been edited was not actually edited in the final movie. There was just a gap between them. Weird.)

Rocket in Endgame


There’s a quick shot of Rocket opening a wooden door with what looks like some kind of fishing contraption and rocky coastline behind him. In the movie, we learn that he’s entering Thor’s house on New Asgard, which is located in Norway. However, he’s not alone, as Bruce Banner is with him. Presumably, Banner was removed from this scene because Marvel didn’t want to give away the “Professor Hulk” reveal. Indeed, the Hulk does not appear in any of the trailers, and the only shots of Banner are pre-time jump.

Black Widow Endgame


This cool shot of Black Widow getting in some target practice does not appear in the final film. Presumably, it was cut, since the movie is already more than three hours long. Still, the shot’s inclusion in the trailer gives would-be viewers a pretty good sense of Natasha’s steely determination.

Captain America Shield


There’s a quick shot of Captain America putting on his iconic shield, but when this scene occurs in the final film, Thanos has already snapped half of the shield off, and it’s visibly broken when Cap straps up. Thanos breaks Cap’s shield in the Infinity Gauntlet comics the movie is based on, so presumably showing the broken shield in the trailer would give too much away, to say nothing of lessening the surprise when his unbreakable shield, well, breaks.

Avengers: Endgame


Marvel fans instantly knew that something about this scene was bulls***, and they were right. Several characters are missing, and while later trailers would confirm the presence of Tony Stark and Nebula, Hulk and Thor are not featured in any trailer version of this shot.

The Hulk is MIA again because Marvel likely wanted to keep Professor Hulk a surprise, but many fans already guessed that was the case. What fewer people could’ve guessed was that Thor was missing because Marvel didn’t want to spoiler that he had become fat and bearded — a truly wonderful twist.


The second official trailer came out in March, and it also had some misdirection. It opens with voice-overs, many of which are not in the final film. Tony does record a message to Pepper Potts, though we don’t hear him reflecting on building his first Iron Man armor in that cave. (Obviously, the flashback shots from previous MCU films are not in the final movie, though Endgame does revisit many of those eras in different ways.)

Peggy Carter’s voiceover isn't lifted from her aged appearance in The Winter Soldier, and it is not heard in Endgame either. Thor’s bit of dialogue about seeing “all these people die” also is not in the final film.

Avengers: Endgame Thor


Because post-time jump Thor has long hair, a beard, and a gut, and because that was a secret Marvel wanted to keep, there weren’t many scenes of him that could be included in the trailers. That’s why we’re pretty much limited to him brooding in a hoodie while meeting Captain Marvel, and the final trailer’s shot of the back of his cape, which obscures his physique. However, the second trailer does feature this cool-looking shot of Thor, still with his short hair. It is not in the film, as he doesn’t take much time to pose outside before slaying Thanos in the only scene of him in-costume before the jump.


Trailer two once again includes these earlier missing or altered scenes. Even though this shot of the walk reveals a bunch of new heroes in their new uniforms, Hulk and Thor are still missing.


The third and final trailer doesn’t have too much that didn’t end up in the final film, though it does continue to be a bit more liberal with plot details.

Sure, it reveals that Pepper Potts survived the Snap and hints that Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor will have a showdown with Thanos, but there is still a shocking amount of plot that Endgame kept hidden just by straight-up not including it in any trailers.

Black Widow Sad


The one new shot that doesn’t appear in the film is a quick one of post-time jump Black Widow being sad in the rain outside Avengers HQ. While this shot does a good job of showing everyone’s despair, the movie apparently didn’t need it, and we get a good sense of where Natasha is at, emotionally, without having to make her a superhero version of Eeyore.


Okay, if the trailers were relatively light on deception, the Captain Marvel post-credits sequence more than made up for it, in which Carol Danvers’ surprise appearance inside of Avengers HQ shocks Cap and the other heroes, as does her question of “where’s Fury?”

But, in the Endgame movie, that’s not the first time the heroes encounter Captain Marvel. Instead, they meet her when she lands with Tony and Nebula’s crippled spaceship, saving them both. Assuming this has already happened, it doesn’t really make sense that Carol would then later lurk around the basement of headquarters waiting to surprise the heroes with her Fury question, nor would those heroes still be wondering about the Pager, because Carol presumably would’ve filled them in.

The alternative is that this scene did happen, and then Carol flew back into space to find Tony and Nebula, though it’s unclear how anyone knew they would be there.

The most likely answer is that this post-credits scene is somewhere south of being canon. That’s okay. It was still an enticing scene that got fans excited for the next movie (which is honestly what the big MCU post-credit scenes are for), and it didn’t give away how Tony and Nebula survive.

Did we miss any missing scenes? Let us know in the comments!