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American Gods: Shadow and Wednesday play 20 Questions in exclusive clip from Season 3 premiere

By Josh Weiss
American Gods Season 3

Who wouldn't want to have a legit deity as their father? Percy Jackson seems to be pretty cool with it, but Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), the beleaguered protagonist of Starz's American Gods, is not. He's now in the frigid town of Lakeside and wants some gosh-darned answers (can't take the gods' names in vain, of course).

In an exclusive clip from the show's Season 3 premiere this coming Sunday, Shadow finally has it out with his daddy, the enigmatic Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane). Quickly fading in a world of modern gods — like Crispin Glover's Mr. World — Wednesday just wants to save humanity from its most self-destructive tendencies.

"Wow, people are gonna be so pissed when they find out the Messiah that everybody's been waiting you," says Shadow, who was raised by a single mother, who left the country after being impregnated by Wednesday. Since he was bound to America's shores, the old god could not follow, lest he disappear forever.

Watch now:

Appearing at New York Comic Con, Whittle said that Shadow's relationship with Wednesday is "a bridge that is well and truly burned."

"We knew ... that we wanted to continue to root the show in the landscapes of America," Neil Gaiman (who penned the 2001 novel upon which the show is based) wrote in late October. "To explore what 'America' means to its people and to talk about immigrants — about the very people who came to its remarkable land and brought their gods with them. The new gods of phone and app and glitter demand our attention and our love, and the old gods want to mean something again. America must be for all of us and American Gods must reflect that. This season truly feels as if it does. It's full of drama and emotion, the very real and the utterly strange, and it features some of the finest performances the show has yet seen."

Emily Browning ("Laura Moon"), Yetide Badaki ("Bilquis"), Bruce Langley ("Technical Boy"), Omid Abtahi ("Salim"), Ashley Reyes ("Cordelia"), Crispin Glover ("Mr. World"), Demore Barnes ("Mr. Ibis"), Devery Jacobs ("Sam Black Crow"), Blythe Danner ("Demeter"), Julia Sweeney ("Hinzelmann"), Iwan Rheon ("Liam Doyle"), Danny Trejo ("Mr. World"), Peter Stormare ("Czernobog"), Denis O’Hare ("Tyr"), Lela Loren ("Marguerite"), Dominique Jackson ("Ms. World"), Wale ("Chango"), Herizen Guardiola ("Oshun"), Eric Johnson ("Chad Mulligan"), and Marilyn Manson ("Johan Wengren") make up the rest of the ensemble cast.

Season 3 of American Gods premieres on Starz Sunday, Jan. 10 at 8:00 p.m. ET. In the run-up to the new episode, Starz will air a marathon of the first two seasons.