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American Gods: 'The end is near' as deities vie for power in divine new trailer for Season 3

By Josh Weiss
American Gods Season 3

Praise the gods! Starz just dropped the official trailer for American Gods Season 3, and it's got another glimpse at Marilyn Manson as Johan Wengren, the frontman of a Viking death metal band with the innocuous name of Blood Death. In the show's third outing — it premieres in early January — Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) heads to the town of Lakeside, Wisconsin, hoping to escape the craziness with Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) and the ongoing war between deities both Old and New.

In particular, Shadow wants "to make his own path, guided by the gods of his black ancestors, the Orishas," reads the official synopsis provided by the network. "However, he’ll soon discover that this town's still waters run deep, and dark, and bloody, and that you don’t get to simply reject being a god. The only choice — and a choice you have to make — is what kind of god you’re going to be."

Watch the trailer (set to a somber cover of Frank Sinatra's "My Way") below:

American Gods | Season 3 Official Trailer | STARZ

According to Neil Gaiman (upon whose 2001 novel the series is based), Season 3 is all about "the characters and their journeys" as well as "to show Shadow forging a path guided by the Gods of his ancestors, becoming more himself while deciding who he is and what side he's on — humanity's or that of the Gods."

Emily Browning ("Laura Moon"), Yetide Badaki ("Bilquis"), Bruce Langley ("Technical Boy"), Omid Abtahi ("Salim"), Ashley Reyes ("Cordelia"), Crispin Glover ("Mr. World"), Demore Barnes ("Mr. Ibis") Devery Jacobs "Sam Black Crow"), Blythe Danner ("Demeter"), Julia Sweeney ("Hinzelmann"), Iwan Rheon ("Liam Doyle"), Danny Trejo ("Mr. World"), Peter Stormare ("Czernobog"), Denis O’Hare ("Tyr"), Lela Loren ("Marguerite"), Dominique Jackson ("Ms. World"), Wale ("Chango"), Herizen Guardiola ("Oshun"), and Eric Johnson ("Chad Mulligan") co-star. Check out the neon character art below:

American Gods Season 3 key art

American Gods Season 3 premieres on Starz Sunday, Jan. 10 at 8PM ET. Ahead of the new season, Starz will air an American Gods marathon of the first two seasons.