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First bloody trailer for A24's new horror film 'X' has some major 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' vibes

They wanted to make a movie, but this isn't quite the picture they had in mind. 

By Matthew Jackson
X A24 YT

Low-budget horror auteur Ti West has given us some of the most memorable scary movies of the 21st century so far, including the Satanic throwback House of the Devil and the intimate haunting story The Inkeepers. Now, after years of working on episodes of TV for series like Wayward PinesOutcast, and The Exorcist, West is returning with his first horror feature since 2013's The Sacrament, and it looks primed to be unforgettable. 

Written and directed by West and brought to you by genre favorite studio A24X is the story of a group of young people who head out into the woods to shoot an adult movie in what looks like the 1970s. As they head out in their van and talk about what they're about to shoot, the whole thing takes on a certain Texas Chain Saw Massacre vibe, particularly as the crew pulls up to an old farmhouse and asks the creepy old man at the door if they can stay at his place.

They're shown to an outbuilding where they can presumably do whatever they like, but they're also warned about the farmer's wife, an old woman who watches them from upper windows, and seems to become an entirely different person when night falls. 

Check out the trailer below, and be mindful of a little NSFW language:

This, of course, isn't the first time West has used period horror to evoke a certain time and place with his filmmaking. House of the Devil, the story of a babysitter who lands a gig in a house that happens to be owned by Devil worshippers, uses filming techniques and period details designed to evoke a certain kid of low-budget horror film from the 1970s and 1980s, and it's clear that West is going back to that particular well at least somewhat with X. It's not clear yet if the trick will work as well this time around, but the film certainly has a lot going for it.

The cast includes the likes of Mia Goth (Suspiria), Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect), Jenna Ortega (Scream), and Martin Henderson (The Strangers: Prey at Night), and of course X has A24 in its corner, a studio that's become know for excellent taste in genre films. 

We'll see how well all those ingredients mix when X hits theaters March 18.