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SYFY WIRE For All Mankind

Apple TV+ shows off Ronald D. Moore's alt-history space race in For All Mankind trailer

By Jacob Oller
For All Mankind screencap

Ronald D. Moore made his name among genre fans writing on Star Trek, creating Battlestar Galactica, and showrunning Outlander. Now the alt-history show he’s been building for Apple TV+ is finally showing off his rewritten space race. The sci-fi series For All Mankind will be one of Apple’s first originals on its new subscription service and it’s the first one to debut a trailer.

At today’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, Apple showed off a first look at the series that posits the Soviet Union as the first to land a man on the moon. If you thought America was going to give up after a setback like that, you’re in for a surprise.

Check it out:

Wait, “Red Moon?” With water on the moon and ever-escalating stakes, the evolution of a fictional space race timeline looks to be an exciting answer to Amazon’s alt-history launch series, The Man in the High Castle.

Starring Jodi Balfour, Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Sarah Jones, and more, the series looks to explore the galaxy and introduce female astronauts to a science-filled take that puts a wholly different spin on First Man. Sorry real life, but sci-fi wins another one.

For All Mankind does not yet have a release date.