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Warner Bros. dives into Aquaman sequel, enlists original writer

By Donnie Lederer

The worldwide popularity of Aquaman has been a turning point for the DC movies. With a global box office of $1.12 billion, Warner Bros. seems to have found their “superhero stride” once again. So for the sequel, they've decided to follow the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” One of the co-writers of the first film, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, will return to write the second installment in the adventures of the King of the Seven Seas, The Wrap reports.

Johnson-McGoldrick co-wrote the first Aquaman film with Will Beall and had worked with director James Wan on the Conjuring series as well, writing the second and third installments. He also wrote the 2009 horror film Orphan, directed by Juame Collet-Serra.

The sequel is the second “Aqua-verse” movie to be announced in as many weeks, as we reported a few days ago that DC is also be making a spin-off movie of The Trench, focusing on the creatures that live in the darkest parts of the ocean. According to Wan, this film will have a “horror vibe,” which we caught a glimpse of during Aquaman.

As far as the plot of the sequel goes, things are up in the air, except for perhaps the villain. SYFY WIRE had a chance to talk to Johnson-McGoldrick during the blue carpet premiere, and he mentioned that should a sequel happen, Black Manta will likely have a much more significant role. Manta took a back seat to Ocean Master, the main villain in the first film. It would be awesome to see Aquaman take on his archnemesis head on in the sequel, don't you think?

Aquaman will be available March 5 on digital and March 26 on Blu-ray.

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