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SYFY WIRE Army of the Dead

Netflix's TUDUM unlocks new  Army of Thieves trailer from Zack Snyder and reveals Hans Zimmer score

By Benjamin Bullard
Army of Thieves at Netflix

Netflix and Zack Snyder seem like a match made in movie heaven, which is probably why the streamer has committed to fleshing out the wild zombie universe it first spawned with Snyder’s Vegas Strip-crashing post-apocalypse showdown in Army of the Dead

We’ve already gotten a few early hints at what that dynamic movie duo had in mind for Army of Thieves, the Snyder-produced Netflix prequel movie from star and director Matthias Schweighöfer. Now we know they’re really going all in: the upcoming movie — which Schweighöfer has previously teased will take a very different, zombie-free tone unlike its predecessor — is getting a musical score from film composing legend Hans Zimmer

Zimmer’s role in shaping the Army of Thieves sound got a behind-the-scenes update during Saturday’s TUDUM fan event, which brought together Snyder and the rest of the Army team to glimpse the ensemble heist setup for Army of Thieves

Of course that means we also got a new trailer, which you can check out below:

As safe-cracker extraordinaire Ludwig Dieter, Schweighöfer’s vault skills may be ace…but they’re no match for his heist anxiety, as the rest of the crew has to coddle and drag him every silly step of the way to the ultimate prize. Good thing, then, that Zimmer’s score is there to ease the mood: Co-producer Deborah Snyder said Zimmer himself put in the initial call to see if he could get on board with Army of Thieves’ gonzo caper story.

“The film is so strong, but we were struggling with what our unique sound was gonna be,” she said. “I get this call and it's Hans [Zimmer], and he was like, 'Can I see this film? I'm German, part of this film is German, this might be a good fit.' I was like, 'Oh my goodness, this is amazing!' And so, I think audiences are gonna be really excited at the music for this one.”

Sounds like an understatement, especially since Zimmer and fellow composer Steven Mazzaro are leaning heavily into the score to amp up the slapstick insanity. “We've always talked about [how] the film is a very genre aware film, and I think Hans and [fellow composer] Steven [Mazzaro] have done a great job of embracing that idea and knowing when to look a genre in the eye — but also when to turn it upside down and to just have fun with it,” said co-producer Wesley Coller. “The [scoring] sessions have been great; we're all in awe every time and then we get to those moments where they infused it with a little bit of quirkiness or something that is a little left of center.”

Army of Thieves is just the next installment in what’s shaping up to become a bigger Snyder-verse at Netflix. Also in the works are an anime prequel titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, as well as a direct Army of the Dead sequel. 

Before all that, though, we’ve got to help get Dieter across the finish line. Army of Thieves is set to arrive at Netflix on Oct. 29. Head to the gallery below and try to crack the code with three new mesmerizing posters.

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