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Three Arrowverse shows getting 'commute length' audio adventures

By Brian Silliman
Arrowverse heroes Flash Arrow Supergirl

Oliver Queen may be getting ready to accuse villains of "failing this city" one last time, but Arrow will not disappear entirely after Mr. Queen lays down his bow. Three shows from the Arrowverse Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl — are going to receive the audiobook treatment. 

Serial Box, the company behind the Orphan Black audio series, is partnering with Warner Bros. Consumer Products for a trio of new audio adventures based in the Arrowverse. The company is working with Berlanti Prouctions to create some new storylines, though they will not necessarily be a part of the main canon of the TV shows. 

A 10-part audio series based on The Flash will come first (launching this Fall), and the story will feature Lex Luthor altering the past, so much so that Barry, Kara, and Oliver all end up on the side of evil. Usually it's Barry who screws up time, so we're glad that he's not responsible in this instance. Fans have seen an evil Oliver and Kara before — they memorably played evil, alternate versions of themselves (Nazis in love, is that alternate enough?) in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover.

As the heroes go bad, badder, and worse, it will fall to their friends to fix everything, who kind of remember how things used to be. Gwenda Bond and Christopher Rowe are credited with creating this new storyline.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to super-serve fans of these incredibly popular series with new stories. We look forward to working closely with the Berlanti team to ensure that their creations make a seamless transition to our audio and reading formats,” says Serial Box CEO and co-founder, Molly Barton, in a press release.

A "seamless transition" would suggest using the same actors, wouldn't it? But at this time there is no word on whether the Arrowverse actors will be involved. However, the Orphan Black series brought in Tatiana Maslany, so hopefully Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist, and the rest of their respective gangs will be coming along for the aural adventure. 

Serial Box also mentioned that episodes will be roughly the "length of an average commute" and that they will also be available in "reading formats." 

Sounds like they aren't going to fail our ears with this one. Hear, Barry, hear! Up, up, and audio-way!