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Artists Alley: Ant Lucia draws DC Bombshells Harley Quinn


Nearly a decade ago, artist Ant Lucia's re-imagined renderings of DC's heroines led to DC Bombshells, a popular line of statues, collectibles, and even comic books. In this alternate take on World War II, DC's heroines and villains were at the forefront as opposed to the males. And it all came from Lucia's inventive use of classic '40s-style pinups and DC's iconic characters.

In the latest episode of SYFY WIRE's Artists Alley series, Lucia sketched one of the most popular DC Bombshells, Harley Quinn. He also told us how he was discovered by DC Collectibles while at a comic book convention. Additionally, Lucia spoke about another set of pinups he created that paved the way for his success.

"Something that I always loved was ... all the vintage classic movie monster posters, which basically consisted of the creature and then a really terrified damsel in distress," recalled Lucia. "I thought, 'What if I take those movies and turned [them] into romantic comedies? What would that look like?' So I developed a line called Spookshow Pinups ... and it was just more of a cheeky way of doing a female character with the monster, but in a scenario where the female character was okay with the monster."

While drawing Harley, Lucia also told us about his appreciation for other aspects of art. That includes his belief that art can be created with almost any medium.

"What's kind of nice about artwork is you don't have to use the best materials," said Lucia. "You don't have to have the most expensive style coloring set or anything. You can create artwork with anything. If you're passionate enough, you can create beautiful stuff with just about any material."

For details from Lucia, check out the full video!