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Artists Alley: Bill Sienkiewicz at NYCC 2019


One of the supreme talents in the comics industry is Eisner Award-winning and Emmy-nominated illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz, whose electrifying experimental style and willingness to push his artistry beyond expectations have elevated his name to the royal roster of acclaimed American artists.

Starting back in the '80s and continuing with his recent gig with Chris Claremont on Marvel's New Mutants: War Children, Sienkiewicz's signature impressionistic works have been absorbed into iconic runs on titles like DC's The Sandman: Endless Nights, Marvel's The New Mutants and Frank Miller's Daredevil: Assassin using a variety of mediums from water colors and oils to pen-and-ink.

Bill S. Elektra

Sienkiewicz was on hand at New York Comic Con 2019 where SYFY WIRE caught up with the master for a stimulating session of Artists Alley, where he performs an entertaining live abstract sketch using willing host Marc Bernardin.

Listen in as we learn about his early inspirations, love for the medium, and the path of his storied career from New Jersey, to DC Comics, to Neal Adams' Continuity Studios, and finally to Marvel Comics.