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Artists Alley: Kamille Areopagita shows us how to animate Gwen Stacy


Prior to 2014, Gwen Stacy was best known for being Spider-Man’s dead girlfriend. But in the Spider-Verse crossover, fans were introduced to a Gwen Stacy who was the Spider-Woman of her world. She also made her big-screen debut in last year’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Marvel may call her Ghost-Spider now, but she'll always be Spider-Gwen to us!

In the latest episode of SYFY WIRE’s Artists Alley, animator Kamille Areopagita wasn't satisfied with simply drawing Spider-Gwen. Instead, she decided to make an animated flipbook of Spider-Gwen in action. She also took the time to shed some additional light on the animation process and the hard work it takes to give these drawings a life of their own.

Areopagita also spoke briefly about her work on the hit series Critical Role. She went on to elaborate how much effort went into making the Critical Role opening sequence.

"Because animation, one second is a bunch of different drawings, [and] you gotta work kind of fast," said Areopagita. "One of my most recent big animations was for Critical Role. I did their animated intro, and it was mostly me and my brother, just the two of us, were working on a one-and-a-half-minute animation. It took us five months, because that was hundreds of drawings. We really wanted to do well with it, because we love the show, and we were honored to get to work on their intro for their second campaign."

For more details from Areopagita, check out the full video!