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SYFY WIRE Astrid & Lilly Save the World

Watch SYFY's 'Astrid & Lilly Save the World' cast get quizzed on their throwback trivia skills

Do YOU know how long it takes to develop a Polaroid?

By John Albinson
SYFY's Astrid & Lilly Save the World Cast Gets Nostalgic

Astrid & Lilly Save the World, the new SYFY original series premiering on Wednesday, Jan. 26, starring Jana Morrison (Astrid) and Samantha Aucoin (Lilly), follows our two titular heroines as they accidentally open a portal to a monster-filled dimension that starts to infiltrate our own world and forces them, two regular high school students, to save humanity.

How to Watch

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Recently, the young cast of the show sat down to get tested on their throwback pop culture knowledge. Watch as they're quizzed on everything #TBT from The Breakfast Club to Buffy's love triangle on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "John and... Bart?" Oliver Renaud, who plays Brutus, unconfidently guesses. At least he tried!

Check out the above video if you want to see the cast's reaction to learning that a Polaroid picture takes 15 minutes (!) to develop – as opposed to the "60 seconds" Spencer MacPherson, who plays Sparrow, guessed (to be fair, OutKast's "Hey Ya!" misled him).

Astrid & Lilly takes a lot of influence from its high school genre predecessors, and creators Noelle Stehman and Betsy Van Stone have been open about the inspiration they have received from groundbreaking shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer that redefined what fantasy could look like in a high school setting.

"We're both huge Buffy fans. There are various homage moments to Buffy you will see in our show. But what became our motto was more of a Booksmart dynamic about close female friendships. This is an outcast story where the least expected turn out to be a hero. Their powers are quirky and their monster guide is quirky. It takes the [Buffy] model and turns it on its head," Stehman said at NBC Winter Press Day in December.

Astrid & Lilly Save the World is set to premiere on SYFY on Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 10/9c, right after the Season 2 premiere of Resident Alien. Until then, you'll have plenty of time to get your Polaroids developed.