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AT-AT to BB-8: The 6 greatest Star Wars toys ever


In just under a month, the Skywalker Saga will come to an end in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. But for toy collectors and kids of all ages, Star Wars will never die! For over four decades, Star Wars fans have been gifted with some of the greatest toys ever created. The toys that Kenner made with Star Wars in the '70s and '80s revolutionized the industry. In the '90s, Hasbro picked up the baton and hasn't stopped running with it.

With so many fantastic toys to choose from, it can be hard to find the best of the best. Unsurprisingly, some of our picks came from Kenner's classic line. That includes the AT-AT from The Empire Strikes Back. This massive beast of a toy was huge, capturing the look and feel of the Empire's devastating weapon of destruction. The level of detail is still gasp-worthy even after so much time... and good luck finding one of these in mint condition!

However, the modern toys are not without their own innovations. Sphero's BB-8 found its way on to our list because it gave us a droid we could control with our smartphones. Most of us had to grow up and pretend that our robot toys could move by themselves... this one actually can! It's the closest thing that many fans will ever get to owning an actual droid.

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