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SYFY WIRE The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Aughra dispenses cosmic wisdom in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance gift book

By Jeff Spry
Thra Hero

Seeking philosophical advice from Jim Henson's mystical world of Thra? A sagacious new tie-in gift book to Netflix's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance aptly titled Aughra's Wisdom of Thra in being welcomed into our realm with its homespun pearls centered around life, love, and learning — and SYFY WIRE is offering up an exclusive peek into its contemplative contents.

Thra Cover

Arriving on Nov. 12 from Penguin Random House and written by author J.M. Lee, this 40-page all-ages series companion is a treasury of calming moments spent with the all-knowing Aughra.

Tune into the cosmic vibrations of the eyes and ears of Thra as the prickly, three-and-a-half-foot stargazing creature with curled ram horns and a detachable eye unlocks secrets to an entire fantasy universe beyond the magical kingdom of Thra.

This indispensable collection of profound and sometimes funny phrases are accompanied by lush illustrations by artist Cory Godbey that transport you into the legends and lore of The Dark Crystal's expansive mythology.

Thra 1

Lee is a staff writer and creative consultant on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and wrote the acclaimed four-book prequel series that launched in 2016 with Shadows of the Dark Crystal. With his background in linguistics and film, Lee also created the podling language featured in the Netflix series. A second gift book, the Heroes of the Resistance character guide, also arrives Nov.12.

Thra 2

"In initial concept, this book was more like a fable, but in the end we found that a series of quirky, wise, weird Aughra quotes worked best with the format," Lee tells SYFY WIRE. "I came up with around 15 Aughra 'wisdoms' and we went through them with Penguin and Henson until we had refined the best of the best. In writing the quotes, I really tried to channel my inner Aughra. Grumpy, radical, realistic, and yet still whimsical."

Lee considers this short but potent work a great gift or storytime book for mature Gelflings and playful Podlings alike.

Thra 3

"My favorite quote in the book is probably the one about sitting in the river," he notes. "Aughra knows that everything on Thra has a voice and a will; saying that the river doesn't care if you sit in it is basically Aughra's way of saying, 'Not everything is about you!'

"Working with Cory, as always, is a dream. I love seeing his work in full color (his illustrations in the novels are all in grayscale). It was also a fun endcap in many ways to working with him on the four YA novels."

Aughra's Wisdom of Thra enters bookstores and online retailers on Nov. 12.