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Avengers: Infinity War concept art originally put Thanos in a hoodie

By Jacob Oller
Thanos Infinity war cropped

Avengers: Endgame is fast approaching and with it, another showdown with Thanos. The Marvel universe had been building to this confrontation until Infinity War, which had less than successful results for the superhero team and a much happier ending for the gauntlet-welding antagonist. Josh Brolin’s Thanos has changed some from his introduction in the first Avengers film, but he also almost rocked a different look during his big, combative debut.

Concept art lays the groundwork for character design, so it’s always interesting looking back on changes between initial mockups and the finished product. Thanos fans can see how his combat outfit differed thanks to some art in a new post on Instagram.

Take a look:

This concept design from artist Jerad Marantz, who’s worked on plenty of the MCU, shows off the Mad Titan in form-fitting material that looks more like Black Panther’s Lycra-like supersuit than the armor fans saw in Infinity War.

“Early #thanos design for #avengersinfinitywar,” Marantz wrote. “We did a lot of options for #themadtitan out of his armor.” One of which included a hoodie, apparently. This casual-cool Thanos isn’t wearing the sleeveless space-shirt the super-snapper wears to lay the hurt on the Avengers, but he’s still about the same from the waist down. Armored boots and non-descript pants. That drapey, Tarzan-esque belt was sorely missed, however.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26. Do you think Thanos will have a new appearance in Endgame? Or will we be going back in time to see the same Thanos?