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Barbara Gordon will join Titans as Season 3 returns to Gotham, director reveals

By Matthew Jackson
Barbara Gordon Batgirl

Another member of the Bat-family will be joining DC Universe's Titans for its third season. After giving us new live-action versions of Dick Grayson and Jason Todd in Season 1 and adding Bruce Wayne himself in Season 2, the streaming series is gearing up to add Gotham City hero Barbara Gordon to its cast for the upcoming third season.

Titans director and cinematographer Boris Mojsovski revealed the news in a Canadian Society of Cinematographers livestream Q&A this week, which also featured fellow Titans cinematographer Brendan Steacy. Near the end of the Q&A, Mojsovski teased a "reveal" about the new season, then explained that a fan of the show had already guessed it would be Barbara in a post online. 

"Our first episode will have a new character, and it will be Barbara Gordon ... so there you go," Mojsovski said. "We're very excited, and there's a new set, and more importantly even than the reveal of that character is that ... we're back in Gotham."

Though its main focus has of course been on the title team, the series has also spent time in the past leaning into Gotham City as it relates to characters like Dick and Jason, and the emergence of Bruce Wayne in Season 2 helped that along. Now, Barbara's presence will no doubt place an even greater emphasis on the Bat-family's home turf going forward, which will apparently also lean back into the darker aspects of the first season.

“Things are going to go back to [being] seedy and dark in every way. Our Titans are going to be challenged greatly by external forces, but also internal ones,” Mojsovski added. “The season should have — in a good way — many resemblances [to] the first season and some cool emotional stuff from the second season.”

What's still not clear is exactly what role Barbara will take on the series. At various times in her superhero past she's been the vigilante known as Batgirl and the paraplegic master hacker known as Oracle. She's also been romantically involved with Dick Grayson and, in past comic book incarnations, began her vigilante career as a young woman obsessed with Batman. Basically, there are a lot of ways this characterization could go, and since we might be waiting a while until Titans Season 3, there's no telling at this point which path the show will take. 

The first two seasons of Titans are streaming now on DC Universe.

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