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Exclusive Preview: Batman and Catwoman reunite in Batman #78

By Ernie Estrella
Batman #78 Variant Cover

The last time the Bat and the Cat were together, it was tragedy at the altar in Batman #50. Never has there been a wedding that so many wanted to end on a happy note ... but alas, writer Tom King just wouldn't let us have it. Since then, Selina Kyle has moved out west and made a life of her own, while Batman is back to saving Gotham. As the "Year of the Villain" event has grown in all of the DCU titles, in the pages of Batman, Bane has taken over Gotham City, banishing all the heroes and defeating Batman, while assisted by an alternate version of Thomas Wayne.

Batman #77 built to a climactic moment that saw the latest Robin, aka Damian Wayne (Bruce Wayne's son), witness Bane doing the unthinkable act of murdering someone in the Bat-Family (whose identity will be protected here, for those not caught up). Meanwhile, Batman has retreated to Paris, where his former fiancée, Selina Kyle, can mend him up. This upcoming story is bound to lead into the upcoming 12-part Batman/Catwoman series in 2020. Batman #78 features the lovebirds reunited, planning their next step to get back control of Gotham City — and SYFY WIRE has the exclusive first six pages, from Tom King and Clay Mann.

Batman #78 Page 1

In the following preview pages, you'll see Selina leaving Bruce abruptly, left him stinging. Also, what happened to the ring?

Batman #78 Page 4

There's a lot of emotions and feelings left to sort out, and King pulls us back into that irresistible banter between Cat and Bat. We get to see how both awkwardly dance around that moment in their lives and where to go from here, while still planning how to get Gotham City away from Bane. 

Batman #78 Page 6

Check out our entire six-page preview of Batman #78 below, then read the entire issue this Wednesday at a comic shop near you.