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WIRE Buzz: Batman first inductee to Comic-Con HOF; Satanic Panic delivers U.S. release; more

By Benjamin Bullard
Batman in DC Comics

Holy Hall of Fame, Batman! The Caped Crusader is robbin’ all the other comic book superheroes to seize the illustrious distinction of becoming the very first inductee into the new Comic-Con Museum’s inaugural class of honored comics characters.

The Dark Knight will hold the door for all the rest of the museum’s first, still-unannounced heroic batch, DC revealed in a press release announcing “The Gathering,” a July fundraising event for the new museum. Located near the site of San Diego Comic-Con in the city’s Balboa Park, the Comic-Con Museum (or CCM) will be a 68,000-square-foot shrine to all things heroic and villainous, drawing on decades of rich history from the pages of comics, graphic novels, and more.

“On the occasion of Batman’s 80th anniversary, a ceremony honoring DC’s most popular super hero will be the centerpiece” of the July 17 event, which is timed to help kick off this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

“We are excited to announce we have created a new way in which to honor iconic characters from comics and popular culture with the Comic-Con Museum Character Hall of Fame,” the museum’s Adam Smith said, “and we are equally excited to reveal Batman as our first inductee. 2019 marks the 80th Anniversary of DC’s Batman who has become a truly global icon of popular culture.”

First announced last year, the museum is still in the funding stages for its planned opening date, which hasn’t yet been revealed. Comic-Con says the museum will be a definite fan destination; “an experiential pop-culture wonderland featuring rotating immersive exhibits, theaters of varying sizes, and extensive educational programming … [that] cater[s] to the interests and passions of fans of all ages.”

Satanic Panic, Fangoria’s horror comedy about a pizza delivery girl whose last order of the night turns out to be a devil lover’s special, has just gotten picked up for a release on U.S. movie screens this fall.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, the Chelsea Stardust-directed movie has been snagged by RLJE Films for a simultaneous release to theaters, on-demand, and digital platforms, after making its debut late last month at New Orleans’ Overlook Film Festival.

Starring Hayley Griffith as the beleaguered and nearly broke pizza driver just trying to make ends meet, Satanic Panic sounds like a deep-dish slice of camp horror: “When a pizza delivery girl’s final order of the night turns out to be for a blood-hungry group of Satanists thirsting for a sacrifice, all hell breaks loose … literally,” teases the movie’s tagline.

With a supporting cast that includes Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Ruby Modine, and Michael Polish, Satanic Panic will be baked to perfection and ready to serve starting Sept. 6.

Ready for robots to invade the world of affordable Scandinavian design? Ikea thinks it’s an idea whose time has come, with the reveal this week of its new Rognan line of robotic furniture.

Automating the daily furniture chores that can make urban, small-space living such a … well, such a chore, Ikea’s concept involves wardrobes that can wheel themselves into the middle of a living space to serve as room dividers, floor mattresses that automatically disappear under a sofa when sleepy time’s over, and more.

Designed in partnership with U.S.-based robotics startup Ori, Ikea says its new line will allow people “to turn small spaces into smart spaces that have all the comfort and convenience of a home." Set to roll out first in Japan and Hong Kong next year (via The Verge), the only thing Rognan’s new robot residents still can’t do, sadly, is pitch in with some rent money.

Ikea has its sights set on gamers, too, revealing this week that the company is prepping a new, 3D-printed line of accessories intended to add some design-based quality of life for your gaming rig. Via C|net, the upcoming Uppkoppla line of peripherals will include a desk-mounted wrist support, soft tactile keycaps designed to keep your fingertips cool, and a “mouse bungie” that keeps your cord secure for those fast-twitch marathon sessions. Ikea’s fresh take on gaming ergonomics is expected to arrive in stores sometime in 2020.