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Holy brand jamboree, Batman! Logo, LEGO celebrate 80th anniversary

By Jacob Oller
detective comics new logo

An era is over. DC’s Detective Comics, home of Batman, has surpassed 1,000 issues. And now all sides of the Bat-verse are celebrating and reimagining the superhero. The landmark millennial book will be released as a regular comic, but also as a fancy hardback edition that comes out in comic book stores on June 12, and at other retailers on June 18. But let's focus on the celebration at hand.

First, some news about the book in general. The legendary comic is unveiling a new logo starting on April 10th’s Detective Comics #1001, which will usher in a new era for Bruce Wayne.

Take a look at the issue below, from Peter J. Tomasi, Andrew Hennessy, Brad Walker, and Nathan Fairbairn:


Fans can immediately see the difference between #1000’s flashy font and #1001’s Bat-symbol-centric logo (shown below).

Missing media item.

Speaking of reinventing the classics, starting Aug. 1 LEGO is releasing a plethora of new Batman sets that honor the World’s Greatest Detective in all his old-school glory for his 80th birthday. Fighting such villains as Mr. Freeze, Clayface, the Riddler, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Two-Face, and — of course — the Joker, Batman teams up with Robin, Commissioner Gordon, Batwoman, and even Shazam to bring some of his best storylines to life in six new sets.

Check them out:

Batman of course gets his Batmobile, while the Riddler gets ... what is that ... a skateboard? Regardless, these sets all have cool DC offerings on the inside and collector-centric branding on the outside (with each box sporting the 80th-anniversary logo) that should appeal to Bat-fans young and old.

Batman turns 80 on March 30. What will you be getting him for a birthday gift?