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Bruce Wayne faces a rocky test in exclusive clip from Batman: Soul of the Dragon

By Matthew Jackson
Batman Soul of the Dragon

Batman's had a lot of adventures through the DC Universe Animated Movies, and one of the joys of that line of films has been watching him journey not just through some of his classic comic book tales, but well beyond where the main comics continuity has ever taken him. We've seen everything from adaptations of The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke to a film based on the Gotham by Gaslight Elseworlds story. Now, as 2021 dawns, Batman's taking on another Elseworlds adventure, and we've got an exclusive clip. 

Batman: Soul of the Dragon will transport the Dark Knight and his friends back to the 1970s for what looks to be an Enter the Dragon-style martial arts adventure told across two important periods in Bruce Wayne's life. In Gotham City, Bruce (voiced by David Guintoli) is already Batman, finding his way as the Dark Knight when an old friend named Richard Dragon (Mark Dacascos) comes calling. The deadly Kobra Cult is spreading its influence, and if they're going to be stopped Bruce and Richard must team up with their old friends Ben Turner (Michael Jai White) and Lady Shiva (Kelly Hu). 

But even as they fight a vital battle in the film's present, getting the gang back together also sends Bruce back to the past, and to a time when the four of them all trained under the same martial arts teacher, O-Sensei (James Hong). In this exclusive clip, O-Sensei puts the group's will to the test with a fiery stone, challenging them to hit it every day in the hope that it might eventually break under their strike. Check it out:

Batman: Soul of the Dragon is directed by DC Universe Animated Movies veteran Sam Liu (Superman: Red SonWonder Woman: Bloodlines) from a script by Jeremy Adams (Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge, Supernatural). DC Animation legend Bruce Timm is also onboad as executive producer. 

The film debuts on digital January 12, followed by a 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray physical release on January 26.