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Batwing gets the Bat-signal spotlight in DC FanDome’s Batwoman S3 first looks

Batwoman Batwing 2

Now that the third season of Batwoman is up, up, and away (yes, we know that’s the wrong catchphrase; and no, we don’t feel the least bit bad about it), actor Camrus Johnson shined a Bat-signal-sized spotlight on Batwing, the latest incarnation of his character Luke Fox, at DC FanDome on Saturday. 

In a featurette, Johnson walks fans through the character’s history from the comics to the small screen, reminding people that “Luke may not have superpowers, but he [is] a skilled fighter.” He also points out some of the changes between the character from the comics and from the series.

And oh, yeah: don’t call him a sidekick. 

Check out the video below:

The Batwoman panel also treated fans to a fun and funky retro trailer for the show’s upcoming third season, showing Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) and sometimes psycho-villain Alice (Rachel Skarsten) teaming up to clean up Gotham. 

In the “Batwoman & Alice,” trailer, Ryan and Alice find themselves unlikely partners in crime. But as our hero says: “If crazy stuff’s going down, may as well get a crazy lady’s take on it.” Although, as Nicole Kang’s Mary Hamilton points out: “We don’t really use the c-word anymore.” Jeez, people! She means the word crazy

Check out the ‘70s-tastic “totally bat-chick crazy” trailer below: 

Leslie and Skarsten also gave fans a first look at an upcoming scene from the current season, where Alice helps Ryan think like a killer. So it looks like Alice and Batwoman can work together after all.

Batwoman airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Check out the DC FanDome live stream below:

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