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Batwoman, Legends to join Flash, Arrow and Supergirl for Crisis event in December 

By Trent Moore
Arrowverse heroes Flash Arrow Supergirl

The CW’s massive Crisis on Infinite Earths superhero crossover event is finally coming into focus — and it sounds like pretty much everyone will be along for the ride.

While speaking at the network’s upfront presentation, CW President Mark Pedowitz confirmed the comic-based crossover will roll out over five episodes, beginning in December with three installments and ending in January with the final two episodes. It has also been confirmed that the event will feature characters from literally every Arrowverse show, including Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, the upcoming Batwoman, and midseason series Legends of Tomorrow. It’s possible the event will coincide with the midseason premiere of Legends of Tomorrow (or perhaps those characters will just show up, regardless, ahead of the eventual season premiere). The event is also likely to wrap up Arrow’s shortened final season.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths remains one of the biggest crossover events ever attempted in DC Comics history, and led to the monumental deaths of characters like Supergirl and the Flash at the time. Since those heroes both have shows to keep headlining, though, it stands to reason the Green Arrow could take their place to end his journey saving the multiverse. As for the small-screen version of Crisis, it’s been teased since the series premiere of The Flash, while the past year or so has done a lot of table-setting for the event. Both Flash and Arrow dropped some set-up scenes in their season finales this week, so it’s no surprise The CW is finalizing exactly how this epic crossover will come together.

As for the fallout? There’s no telling at this point. We could end up with a unified universe that brings Supergirl into the same reality as the Flash, possibly putting an end to the multiverse as a whole along the way. It will also almost certainly thin the herd of heroes, which is why many fans expect Green Arrow, and possibly a few others, not to make it to the end alive (or at least not trapped or lost somewhere in the multiverse seemingly for good).

Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Batwoman are all set to premiere this fall on The CW. The Crisis will begin in December.

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