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SYFY WIRE Batwoman

Batwoman showrunner teases Batman's 'trophies' in Gotham, Poison Ivy and Mad Hatter in S3

By Nivea Serrao
Batwoman Still

Gotham City is going to be in a whole world of trouble when Batwoman returns, and the titular hero is going to have her hands full dealing with everything  — and that's not even getting to Ryan's own personal problems! 

Season 3 will see the world of The CW superhero show welcome not one, but two iconic Batman villains Poison Ivy (Agent Carter's Bridget Regan) and the Mad Hatter (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency's Amitai Marmorstein). And according to showrunner Caroline Dries (Smallville), there could be more on the way, especially since the Season 2 finale saw a whole bunch of "Bat trophies" (AKA artifacts belonging to Batman villains) fall into the Gotham river — including the Mad Hatter's hat, the Penguin's umbrella, and a sprig of one of Poison Ivy's plants. 

To get them back, Team Batwoman is going to need Alice's help, which is how she ends up in Wilder's supervised custody. Luckily, they won't have to rely only on her. As it happens, former GCPD detective (and iconic Batman ally) Renee Montoya will be lending a hand as she joins the show this season. (Gotham’s Victoria Cartagena will be reprising the role.)

"She’s old school, and she’s been around, and she remembers Batman’s Gotham and Gordon’s Gotham. She knows that things don't end well when people get their hands on the [the Bat trophies]," says Dries of Montoya to TVLine. "[Both Kate and Ryan as] Batwoman have done a great job of keeping the streets relatively safe for the last few years, but Renee sees a storm brewing — and she is terrified."

But what about the villains that are showing up? Dries says she's super excited about Poison Ivy's storyline, in particular. 

"We do a combination of staying true to the Poison Ivy canon and what we normally do, which is put our own spin on it," says Dries. "It’s a major story arc of the season, and we make it really, really hard on Batwoman."

Season 3 of Batwoman kicks off on Oct. 13. 

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